About us

We are a digital entertainment content provider in the PRC. Our Group was founded in 2011, provided with a diversified content portfolio comprising:

(i)   mobile games mainly played on android operating system,

(ii)  e-magazines, and

(iii) other digital media content such as comics and music.

Apart from casual mobile games which we focuesd primarily during 2016 to 2019, we also commenced development and operation of boutique mobile games since 2017 and launched our first multi-player mobile game, which is a licensed game, in January 2019. Since 2018, we have also cooperated with corporate customers who make use of the in-game airtime provided by us for placing their media content for advertising purpose.

Board of Directors

Executive Directors





Lu Jian

Liang Jin Hua

Non - Executive Directors





Su Shao Ping

Tsui Wing Tak


Non - Executive Directors





Zhuang Wen Sheng

Zhao Jun Feng

Song Yi